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*My book
HOUSE WITHOUT DOORS, בית ללא דלתות, was published in Hebrew translation by Sifrei Iton 77, in December 2012 . This blog is bilingual and includes texts in both Hebrew and English

*My travel essays with photos:
STAIRWAY TO WATER -Thoughts on the Visceral Architecture of Stepwells in Rajasthan, Gujarat and Delhi
Go to 2016 (on top right of this page) for photos of India 2016: Gujarat and Rajasthan

"THE SEA INSIDE - thoughts on circumambulating the inner bay of Rif St. Marie":

* My photo exhibit in Curaçao
in October 2010 at Landhuis Bloemhof
"Where Secrets Hide - a tribute to my photographic lineage"

blogsite with photography by my grandfather and mother:

This site:
Selections from my photographs, writing, artwork, curatorship, as well as a section on my political and human rights activities and an online art exhibit on the wall between Israel and occupied Palestine.

Photographs from various visits to Curaçao, the Dutch Caribbean island where I was born, as well as photographs taken while hiking in the deserts of Israel and Jordan; while trekking in Nepal, Turkey, Northern Greece, Crete, Iceland, Kyrgyzstan and Montenegro; and photos from my travels in Egypt's Western Desert and in India - Gujarat and Rajasthan.